Hillary Clinton Goes On The View To Blame Constitutional Crisis On Trump


Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has blamed nearly everything on former president Donald Trump in the last few years, including the most recent claim that the U.S is in the middle of a constitutional crisis because of him. She said that he has continued to attack the “legitimacy of our government” and the election of our president over his refusal to accept the election.

Clinton shared her radical opinions on ABC’s “The View” and accused Trump of combining his “cult members” with “disinformation networks” like Facebook to create a volatile mix. She said they are in the “midst of a concerted, well-funded effort to undermine American democracy” and even said she believes Trump will run again if he really wants to.

“If [Trump] wants to be the nominee he will be the nominee. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. And I think that everybody else who is talking about it or considering it understands that,” Clinton said.

She went on to say that it speaks volumes about the Republican Party and their attempt to “attack our own government” and accuse them of lying about a health crisis. She accused Trump of keeping his mob “energized” and scaring the rest of the political party by creating a world of disinformation, instead of just one that everyone can agree on.

While Trump has not officially announced if he would run or not, he has shared with Fox News that he feels they aren’t going to have a choice. He went so far as to describe it as “disgraceful” and President Joe Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal as “developed by a child’s mind.”

Critics pointed out the irony in Clinton talking about a constitutional crisis against the government when she spent years calling the 2016 election “illegitimate” and trashing Trump as a president who unfairly won. She was sowing her own doubts about the election process and undermining democracy way before Trump did, claiming that she lost due to voter suppression, hacking, and theft. She repeatedly claimed that Russian interference was the “prominent reason” why she was never elected to the White House. To this day, there have been no ties or collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.

”I believe he knows he’s an illegitimate president. He knows. He knows that there were a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out the way it did. I don’t know if we’ll ever know everything that happened, but clearly, we know a lot and are learning more every day- history will probably sort it all out,” Clinton told CBS back in 2019

Not once was Clinton asked about President Biden on The View, with host Joy Behar only complaining about Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. The two moderate Democrats have publicly talked about their opposition to Biden’s spending agenda.

The radical hosts of The View have always favored Hillary Clinton as a political figure. Host Behar has even gone so far as to complain that Hillary was the “real victim” and not the woman who accused her husband of rape. Since they are all so cozy on the show, there were no real questions answered about the Biden Administration and their plummeting poll numbers. As usual, the mainstream media doesn’t ask any real questions. They just blame everything on Trump.