Here’s The Democrat’s Plan For Long-Term Control


Nancy Pelosi has outdone herself again and is not letting the COVID-19 pandemic go to waste. With the latest “relief” bill she has presented a bill so chocked full of nonsense it’s enough to run a circus. The Pelosi Bill bails out rich people in blue states, illegal immigrants, lobbyists, and the POT industry while explicitly rejecting choice to cover American payroll. There’s even a bailout for the Post Office, which was already headed towards collapse before the Pandemic.

There’s a little bit of everything in there for the fellow Liberal. Giveaways to abortion providers, bailouts for blue states to cover shortfalls prior to the virus, and money for illegal immigrants and “healthcare inequality” (whatever that means).

A recent segment on Tucker Carlson’s show does a good job of breaking down a lot of the idiocy being proposed in this $3 trillion wishlist that supports the prison systems, Hollywood Liberals, illegal immigrants, and the marijuana industry. Heaven forbid we support the American citizens and small businesses the government forced to shut down during all of this.

Democrats seek to extend unemployment through January but all that would do is ensure an economic collapse. The labor market would be turned upside down and millions of Americans would struggle to feed their families. In the most recent bill, Pelosi is pushing to bring back the SALT tax deduction, which only really benefits rich people in blue states. To take the money from American taxpayers and use it to save Liberal politicians from the consequences of their poor choices is simply irresponsible and reckless. 

Republicans are scoffing about this as much as they can. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, for example, has already signaled he won’t be bringing up this “garbage legislation” if it makes it to the Senate. This wouldn’t be good for the country OR the Republicans. There’s much more to lose for the American people if this bill were to pass. More drugs on the street, support of illegal immigrants, the list goes on. 

The bill has to be a complete joke. If not, it really just shows then how terrible Democrat politicians are. Using the global pandemic to push their pet projects and crush the country’s economy. They don’t care about the people. They only want to nurture the underclass that hands them the power to do so. We’d be lucky to come out of this with less than a $30 trillion debt thanks to Pelosi. The Democrats want a permanent dependent class out of the whole deal for long-term control. 

The 2020 election is more critical than we once thought it to be. Keeping Trump in office will stall the weird dreams of Nancy Pelosi and get the American people back to work. It’s time we return to normal life again.