Gun Control Groups Applaud Biden’s Nomination Of Ketanji Brown Jackson


Gun control groups applaud President Biden’s Friday nominating of Ketanji Jack to the Supreme Court of the United States. Jackson is currently a United States Court of Appeals judge in the District of Columbia.

John Feinblatt, president, and CEO of Everytown, stated President Biden is the most successful gun safety president in American History. We are confident Judge Jackson will apply a common-sense interpretation to the Second Amendment.

Shannon Watts, founder of Everytown’s subsidiary Moms Demand Action supported Jackson’s nomination. She stated:

Biden made history by naming the Supreme Court’s first Black woman judge. We believe he will nominate someone to ensure gun safety laws remain constitutionally sound. The nation’s grassroots volunteers were proud to have helped elect America’s most effective gun safety agency. Today’s nomination of Judge Jackson is a testament. We call upon the Senate to confirm him.

Biden made the right decision. President Biden made a wise decision. Judge Brown Jackson is an experienced and thoughtful jurist. We need a justice who understands that Americans are affected differently by laws we make. This is something we look forward to hearing about her and from others who met her at her confirmation hearings. Judge Brown Jackson is a good judge. We believe she will fight gun violence prevention laws that are common sense and help the courts to resolve any questions.

Judge Ketanji Johnson has never said that the Second Amendment guarantees the fundamental rights of all Americans to keep and bear weapons for self-defense. This decision comes at an important time for America, when many cases could impact the Second Amendment’s future. We will continue to inform our members about this process.