Former CBP Commissioner Says Biden let 600,000 Migrants Illegally Enter Without Testing Or Vaccine Mandate


Mark Morgan, the former acting commissioner for Customs and Border Protection, stated on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily podcast, with Alex Marlow, that while the Biden administration exempts migrants who cross the southern border from vaccine mandates and coronavirus testing, it imposes such decrees upon Americans.

President Joe Biden repeatedly described acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccine as a “patriotic,” action. He most recently linked vaccines with patriotism and vaccinating as a “patriotic obligation.”

Morgan stated, “[Joe Biden] said it’s not patriotic for you to get a vaccination. It’s the president’s policies, which have encouraged two million apprehensions in his first eleven-and-a-half months in office. Another important number is 600,000. That’s 600,000. Illegal aliens have invaded our country. Since 60 to 70% of our Border Patrol resources have been pulled from the front line, taken off the national security mission for processing two million [migrants],

Morgan stated that none of the migrants who have crossed the U.S.-Mexico frontier since Biden’s inauguration were screened for their vaccination status or tested to see if they are COVID-19 positive.

He stated that there were three million migrants who tried to illegally enter the country in twelve months. “And guess what?” Guess how many people are being vaccinated and how many are being tested. Zero. Zero. “On what planet is that possible?”

He concluded that “the president gets out there and talks about the variant, and how it is our patriotic duty, to get vaccinated. While he knows that he allows tens and thousands every week into this country without being vaccinated. We know that at least 25 percent of illegal aliens who cross our borders have active COVID.”