Fighting Fire With Fire…


Well it’s happened. A group of violent anarchists took over eight blocks of a downtown city, banished law enforcement, started shaking citizens down, and even garnered their own warlord. All of this is what’s going on in Seattle right now. 

Antifa/BLM protesters took over 6-8 blocks of downtown Seattle, calling it Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, and established a nascent People’s Republic. The protesters are finding that an armed and organized element with leadership that isn’t afraid to use violence pretty much trumps all the slogans Antifa can spout. 

Sources say that those in Capitol Hill are “shaking down” businesses by asking them to contribute supplies or resources and threatening them otherwise.  The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone has a subreddit posting about making homemade chemical weapons, maintaining supply lines, and how to use those armed with guns to push police back. They have barred the media from entering and screening people coming in. They are walking around fully armed, talking about making their own currency, and making their own flag. This is something out of a movie…

Having your own guards maintaining “order”? That’s pretty much an insurrection and fairly comical to say the least. In one day, they ran out of food and a warlord declared himself the new police. Violence ensues, so that’s a job well done. A revolutionary that couldn’t even manage to feed themselves for more than 24 hours.

The peace and love these “protesters” were hoping to spread has turned into violence and nothing was sustainable. Past the stupidity, this has long-lasting consequences. Burning and looting their own communities, this will take years to recover from and reinvest. Money that will come out of their own taxes, no doubt. 

Portland also has had similar issues, especially with Antifa essentially running areas of the city. Meanwhile, here’s what the Gov of Washington is worried about. He tweeted the following: “What happened in Georgia yesterday is not what democracy looks like. Every American in every state should be able to vote by mail. We’ve made it a reality in Washington and it’s time to make it a reality across the nation.”

Let’s give the mayor and governor one more day before President Trump has to swoop in and restore order to the state’s control. It’s time to act on a federal level. An overwhelming amount of manpower is necessary to clear this out and start arresting these people. There are businesses and those that need to work in the areas being barricaded. It’s an abdication of one’s constitutional duty for our elected officials to keep sitting by.

Every person participating needs to be charged with federal crimes, such as sedition if applicable. Future Antifa groups should know this won’t be tolerated. None of this has to do with George Floyd at this point and it’s not an excuse to keep continuing. It is a communist delusion and affects the responsible citizens of Seattle who pay their taxes and follow the rules. 

Talk about a liberal power grab to try and change the culture of this country and how it is working. Lethal force should be met with lethal force.