Facebook Censors The Right This Election Season


Big tech companies are doing whatever they can to silence the right. A pro-Trump election page was adding thousands of members by the minute until Facebook shut the page down Wednesday. The community pledged to do whatever it takes to ensure the integrity of the election for the good of the nation. 

Facebook has been flagging and blocking every Republican post for the last few days. This started to get more obvious when Facebook, along with Twitter, started censoring and blocking every post that shared the NY Post article regarding the Hunter Biden email allegations. Many argued that sharing this post revealed the corruption from the radical left, while others labeled it as “misinformation.” The Biden Campaign did not verify the authenticity of the emails but the FBI was investigating the recovered laptop. 

Amy Kremer, a co-founder of Women for Trump, originally started a “Stop the Steal” Facebook page that looked at engaging, inspiring, and empowering women to make a difference. The page argued that Democrats are scheming to nullify Republican votes and that it’s up to the American people to fight and to put a stop to it. This was after Trump Campaign Staffers were blocked from observing ballot counts, despite having a court order allowing them to do so. 

The transparency of the election has been questioned since the radical left started promoting mail-in ballots at the beginning of summer. Thousands of ballots were being marked with wrong information, sent to dead people, or even dumped by UPS workers. We’ve seen countless cases of mail-in ballot fraud since election season began, and now we have to keep a close eye on it more than ever.

Facebook started with flagging every single post that “Stop the Steal” was posting. Kremer had warned community members that the page was probably going to be shut down. She shortly tweeted after 2 p.m. on Thursday. 

“Wow. @Facebook just shut down the @america1stwomen #StoptheSteal group The group wasn’t even 24 hours old and had over 350K members,” Kremer wrote on Twitter. “The left is trying to steal an election and Social media is complicit. This is outrageous!” Kremer wrote. 

The Democrats figured they had it in the bag back in 2016, which is why this year seems even more complicated with the games and strategies. UPS whistleblowers have even noted that people were still trying to separate ballots from standard letter mail so that they could hand stamp them with the Election Day date. 

First, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was “unaware” that his company’s head election integrity official used to work with Joe Biden and now they’ve slapped a label on anything that could “harm the election.” 

Between the big tech censoring and votes appearing out of thin air, where’s the media coverage?