Facebook Announces Political And Climate Change “Information Centers”


If you thought Facebook was done with censoring free speech, think again. In a recent announcement, the tech giant said they would start flagging posts related to COVID-19, election results, and climate change in the weeks ahead.

“Facebook Inc. will begin labeling some user posts that mention climate change in the same way it has annotated posts discussing elections and Covid-19, a sign the social network is taking climate-related misinformation more seriously,” the announcement reads.

The announcement didn’t specify what criteria would warrant a post getting the label. Facebook announced this ahead of the crackdown on “fake news” and said they would start directing users to visit its own “Climate Science Information Center” – an existing hub that will include related news articles, climate change data, and recommendations for pages to follow.

Among them is a coronavirus hub about both the illness and vaccines, as well as a voting information center that was rolled out in August before the presidential election. Facebook is also adding a “common myths” section that would supposedly “debunk” common climate myths.

They said the new labels will be added to climate change posts, “regardless of their accuracy,” and will be a strategy used as a way to fight falsehood. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has argued that the best way to keep “misinformation from spreading” is not to just remove misleading posts, but offer people accurate information from authoritative sources. We all know Facebook is good at pushing a narrative, particularly one in favor of the radical left.

Even Google has caved to left-wing pressure after announcing their plans to drop their AI advisory board, which included the president of a conservative think tank. Internal emails from within the company revealed radical left staffers in revolt over the addition of Kay Coles James, president of the Heritage Foundation, to the advisory board.

Google employees characterized conservatives as “exterminationists” and called appointing James similar to appointing a white supremacist. “Would we even consider having a virulent anti­semite on the advisory board? How about an avowed racist or white supremacist? Would we use diversity of input as justification for including someone with those extreme views? I don’t think we would,” wrote another Google developer.

Two emails specifically took issue with her touting being a wife and mother in her biography and one argued against including people with conservative views.

Democrats want you to be dependent on the government and big tech wants to tell you how politicians will save the day. They want to isolate half of the nation from the other half to fuel the narratives they want for the power they want. It’s all a game.