Democrats To Spend $10 Billion On Emergency Pandemic Funds While Admitting Immigrants Who Pose Health Risks


Monday’s agreement by the Democrats to spend $10 billion on “emergency” funding for pandemics and repeal Title 42, which prohibits immigrants posing health risk, was made by Monday.

According to the Washington Post, the $10 billion package would be used to purchase more coronavirus vaccines and tests as well as supplies that will help fight the Chinese coronavirus. The establishment Republicans, which included Sens., agreed to the costly package. Mitt Romney (R UT), Roy Blunt, (R MO) and Richard Burr(R-NC) all agreed to the costly package.

This package is almost two years since the pandemic started and only one year after President Joe Biden’s coronavirus stimulation money was passed into law. Many experts believe that Biden’s package was responsible for his 40-year high inflation.

The $10 billion package agreement between lawmakers coincides with the Biden administration’s May decision to remove Title 42. To slow the spread coronavirus, authorities can turn away migrants under this law.

It is not clear why the Biden administration thinks that spending billions of taxpayer dollars to protect Americans against coronavirus should be done simultaneously with ending an immigration law that protects Americans against contracting it. According to the Treasury on Monday, America’s outstanding debt was $30,400,959,928,180.97.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), dodged questions Friday about how many people it expects to bring to the border once Title 42 is over. This receded law could allow for more than 18,000 illegal crossings each day — which would mean that there are over 6.5 million migrants annually. Breitbart News reported:

Mayorkas and promigration deputies encouraged the flood. They quickly ended border protections that were established by Donald Trump in 2021.

These deputies also helped to reduce the Trump-imposed Title 42 diseases-related rejections at border, minimize the deportations and accelerate the inflow of legal immigrants.

It is unclear if the administration will stop mass migration. Mayorkas, a Cuban immigrant, is a pro-migration zealot, who insists that the United States must always be a “Nation of Immigrants.”

On Monday, Missouri, Arizona, Louisiana and Louisiana filed lawsuits against Biden’s administration over plans to repeal Title 42. The Trump administration implemented Title 42 in 2020.