Dem-Run Los Angeles Warns Citizens To Stop Wearing Expensive Jewelry


Los Angeles Police warn people not to wear expensive jewelry in public, as they could be a target for thieves,” reports Associated Press.

Five thieves broke into Luxury Jewels Beverly Hills’ window on Tuesday morning and stole jewelry worth $3-$5 million. Except for the insurance company, no one was injured.

Los Angeles, a Democrat-run municipality, is now so broken and so run down that the police have told residents to stop wearing jewelry that could make them a target of thieves.

The AP report states that in November detectives from the elite Robbery and Homicide Division of the police department formed a Follow Home Task Force to investigate criminal acts against people. They also tailed them home or to an isolated location.

Luxury Jewels’ owner Peter Sedghi spoke about changing behavior. “Beverly Hills should be safe. You should be able walk around with whatever jewelry you like.” However, he stated that people are changing their jewelry habits and are saving it for private events, rather than exposing it to the public.

Voting for Democrats means that everyone is freed from prison. No one is charged with felonies and no one is allowed to be held on bail. It’s a lawless society that is open to all.

Los Angeles’ criminals and many other Democrat-run areas are like cowboys riding into a town full of fighting and firing guns. It’s easy to forget that there is no law and order, and you can do almost anything.

The cops are not to be blamed. What are the police to do with all the defunding, race hoaxes and revolving doors at prosecutors’ offices? They are understaffed, underfunded, under fire and constantly at risk of being the hate object of corporate media. Under these circumstances, a police department cannot function at 100%.