DEA Project Results In 1,521 Arrests


As part of a Drug Enforcement Administration project, 1,521 people have been arrested on state and federal criminal charges in the last three months. This included nearly 40 federal fugitives, collecting nearly $24 million in drug assets, and seizing 2,125 firearms from lawlessness. Just another day of law and order in Democrat-run cities. 

The DEA is responsible for investigating international drug smuggling and major drug cases within communities. The agency has recently altered its operations for tracing guns used in drug crimes or by suspected drug traffickers. The office has also changed how they work with each field office and share intelligence through government databases. They bring the cases to larger networks, such as violent crime departments, to then target the leaders of drug-trafficking organizations. 

“Drug trafficking and violent crime are inextricably linked. From the extreme levels of violence in Mexican cartels to the open-air drug markets in American cities, drug traffickers employ violence, fear, and intimidation to ply their trade. Neighborhoods across our country are terrorized by violent drug trafficking organizations that have little regard for human life, and profit from the pain and suffering of our people. Along with our law enforcement partners, DEA is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of our communities,” said Acting DEA Administrator Tim Shea. 

Law and order has been a large part of President Trump’s re-election campaign since the radical left turned anti-police after the death of George Floyd. This has caused a spike in violence in Democrat-run cities due in part to coronavirus lockdowns and Black Lives Matter riots. 

The DEA project has been similar to another initiative, Operation Legend, which was also initiated by the Department of Justice this year. This Justice Department partnership worked to solve outstanding cases and prioritize the arrests of violent street crime criminals.

Operation Legend, which has spread across nine U.S cities, has been one of the much-needed answers to the spiking crime rates. It yielded over 1,000 arrests for both state and federal crimes. This included over 200 people facing steep federal charges and seizing 400 illegal firearms.

“The future of our country, and indeed our civilization, is at stake. These are all Democrat-run places. But these are people that don’t have any clue what they’re doing,” President Trump said.