CNN Program Ratings Continue To Plummet


Radical left news platforms spend their days treating conservatives like enemies of the people and pushing democratic agendas, even when there’s no scientific evidence to back up anything they say – and it shows. Ratings have plummeted for CNN and it’s only getting worse. There’s a reason why they are called ‘fake news.’

Since last month, CNN’s viewership has dropped a total of 15% and ratings fell 5% for their prime-time demo. Compared to last year, the platform’s ratings plummeted 47% in prime-time viewers and 42% in total day viewers.

The weekday morning program ‘New Day,’ which was started by CNN president Jeff Zucker who took over the news platform for Jim Walton, has also been struggling. Nearly eight years later and the program is still not a fan favorite. The program recorded its lowest-rated week all year in total viewers, as well as being tied for having its lowest-rated week of the entire year between the 25-to-54-year-old demographic.

‘New Day’ relaunched in February for its sixth time by bringing on Brianna Keilar and moving the prior contributor Alisyn Camerota to ‘Newsroom.’ Since Keilar came on as a host, the program is only averaging about half a million viewers in comparison to the first quarter of 2021. They’ve plummeted nearly 37% in total viewers and is down 40% in the demo. Compared to the same time last year, “New Day” is down 25%.

But ‘New Day’ isn’t the only program having problems. Brian Stelter’s ‘Reliable Sources’ is also struggling to get viewers, with a measly 810,000 watchers overall with his May 2nd program. This was considered the smallest audience the show had so far this year, with only 163,000 for the demographic of adults ages 25-54. In fact, the show had better ratings when fill-in host John Avalon took over the week before when Stelter was on vacation. He notched it up to 907,000 viewers.

Fox News, however, has held an average of 2.3 million primetime viewers, along with ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ which averages 2.9 million viewers. It is currently the most-watched cable news program of the week.

The Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan talked about CNN’s ratings on his podcast ‘The Andrew Klavan Show.’ He said the mainstream media has been buying into the “leftist political victories” at the price of journalistic integrity for decades now. He said they treated Obama like a genius saint, but Trump as a demon.

Klavan said Trump’s “loud and scary personality” was just a reaction to Obama and the elite’s moral and political failures. He claims that their reputation is “shot” now that Trump is gone. “They lie and lie and lie and demonize Fox News and then lie some more. Why should anyone watch them?” Klavan asks.

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, Fox News holds the number one spot with 41% of viewers saying they’d continue to watch their channel. Only 25% of respondents said they’d “generally” watch CNN, and only 21% said the same for MSNBC. More viewers are turning off left-wing cable networks

Ratings for the radical left anchors don’t seem too popular either. CNN’s Anderson Cooper was a guest host on the long-running game show ‘Jeopardy!’ and received the lowest ratings of any guest host to date, with a 5.1 rating.

Who would’ve guessed that after 100 days of a failed Biden Administration and no President Trump to blame it on, radical-left news ratings would drop?