Chicago Closing Public Schools November 12 For Vaccination Awareness Day


Chicago Public Schools recently announced that it would be canceling school on November 12, in recognition of Vaccination Awareness Day so that children ages 5 and up can get their coronavirus vaccines. It was reported by Officer Pedro Martinez that the day off would be an opportunity for parents to take their children to get vaccinated at a pediatrician, healthcare provider, or community vaccination event.

Martinez stated that the day off was to ensure all students are eligible to get the vaccine ASAP. Students will be absent on Thursday, November 11, to observe Veteran’s Day.

The announcement comes just days after Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Director of the CDC, approved the Pfizer vaccine for children ages 5-11. CBS reported that the day will be called “Vaccination Awareness Day.” Chicago Teachers Union members have continued to tweet their support for the move.

The tweet announced how they would close all schools on November 12 to give parents and guardians the opportunity to get their children immunized. Members announced how they were pleased with the district’s acknowledgment of the urgent need for parents to vaccinate their children, given the provided time and opportunity.

Walgreens even announced that they would start vaccinating children 5-11 in thousands of their stores across the country starting early November. CVS also announced that it would start vaccinating the same age group in November. The district is currently home to 340,000 students.

Some of the reports suggest that working parents are not pleased with the lack of notice for a last-minute day off for students. But Dr. Susan Philip, San Francisco Public Health Officer, stated that children aged 5-11 will soon need to present proof of vaccination to enter indoor businesses and venues.

Philip has discussed plans in a virtual conference to provide proof of vaccination for young children in November, adding that people have been pushing for them to follow the San Francisco health orders. Those requirements include vaccinations to enter a restaurant or go to a Warriors match. Some residents have asked when that will apply to children aged five to eleven. Philip said they will wait so that children will have a chance to become vaccinated no sooner than 8 weeks after the vaccine becomes available.

She explained that although there won’t be as many requirements for the next few months, children between five and eleven years old will need to be able to show proof of vaccination in order to be eligible for some of these settings.