California Teachers & Parents Organize Protest Against Newsom’s Vaccine Mandate For Kids


California teachers have been pushing back against Gov. Gavin Newsom’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates, which he implemented across the state. Many teachers and parents have shared concerns regarding students needing to receive the coronavirus vaccine, especially since they have such a low risk of catching the virus in the first place. Other parents argued that their kids already contracted COVID-19 and now have natural immunity. Children who refuse to get the jab will be forced out of school and into distance learning.

Parent Christa Reid shared how violating Newsom’s mandate is, comparing it to the idea that “an uninvited stranger has come into our doctor’s appointment” to make a medical decision. She said the parents are outraged at the idea of politicians making this call and that it has inspired the parents to come together for a planned walkout.

As California became the first state to require COVID-19 vaccines for grades K through 12, the effective date is pending upon final federal approval. Newsom plans to implement the mandate in both public and private schools, including exemptions for religious and medical reasons.

Besides medical freedom and protecting the rights of parents, the protest has also been motivated by financial means. California parent Babe Prieto explained how more children staying home and not being present in class over the mandates will impact the funding that the school gets. She said they need to know that they are serious about not forcing an experimental vaccination on children.

Oak Run Elementary explained how they will be canceling all of their classes over a protest scheduled in Sacramento. They are calling the event ‘Our Children, Our Choice.’ As many as 5,000 people attended the event on Monday in front of the state Capitol Building. Moms, teachers, and school-aged kids carried homemade signs that said things such as “Medical mandates are a violation of human rights,” My child my choice,” and “Freedom not force.”

The mandate has already led to a spike in parents withdrawing their kids from school in favor of homeschool and more parent-led organizations planning walkouts across the state. Besides the large Capitol protest in Sacramento, organizations are also planning events in Orange County and San Diego County to get the attention of politicians and school officials. Protesters and event organizers said they wanted to show the state just how many people oppose the draconian mandates.

Besides school teachers and parents, state workers are also fighting against Newsom’s vaccine mandates. While Gov. Newsom signed an executive order in July mandating all state employees to get vaccinated, nearly 40% of the state workers remain unvaccinated. Many are still heavily opposing the medical mandates placed by the state.

You gotta wonder where these parents were when Newsom was getting recalled. California had their chance and turned a blind eye. Now, he’s forcing the jab on school children. How many more people will tolerate government mandates reaching their kids?