Bill De Blasio Says Get Your Kids Vaccinated Right Away


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently urged parents to have their children vaccinated as soon as possible, while New York Governor. Kathy Hochul has urged parents to ensure that their children are properly masked. This was said during a joint press conference detailing cases of the omicron variant in the Empire States.

De Blasio stated that the omicron variant is known to have cases in New York City and that they must assume that there is community spread. That means that we will see more cases.

Mayor said that the vaccination apparatus was the best way to protect everyone from this variant of COVID. However, Hochul admitted just minutes earlier that they didn’t have any specific information about how vaccines or boosters were holding up to this variant.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not provided any detailed information about the number of cases that were deemed to be breakthroughs in the country. DeBlasio said that you need to get your children vaccinated immediately and added that fully vaccinated people should also get booster shots to protect themselves, their families, and everyone else in the city.

De Blasio said that we know that vaccination works and reduces the impact. He said it reduces the spread of COVID and that we need it more than ever. The extent of breakthrough infections is not well known to the public.

Fauci stated that it was a complicated situation as to why the U.S. didn’t track breakthrough infections. He said that sometimes the public doesn’t hear yet in what time things are being collected and there’s clearly a lot of data that’s being taken by the CDC. Fauci stated that the data is largely kept under wraps.

Host Margaret Brenan said this goes beyond health care workers to everyday people and asked Fauci if he has any idea about what is happening with breakthrough infections. Dr. Fauci said he doesn’t currently have the data and will need to contact the CDC for that information. Hochul also encouraged people to get vaccinated. She sent a clear message to parents asking them to make sure their children were properly vaccinated.

New York City has one of the most stringent vaccine requirements in the country. De Blasio introduced strict regulations for city workers and the Key to NYC Pass, which requires certain companies to ban unvaccinated employees.

De Blasio declared New York City “the safest place in America” weeks ago due to the availability of vaccines. Current data shows that Florida is one of the most “safe” places in America for the Chinese coronavirus and continues to have the lowest daily incidence per capita, along with Hawaii and Alabama.