Biden’s Border Policies Have Led To Massive Drug Hauls


The Biden Administration has created policies leaving the border wide open and allowing unprecedented drug trafficking and cartel members to enter the US. While Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has confirmed drug threats at the border, the mainstream media and fellow Democrats would like to pretend it isn’t happening.

Texas Customs and Border Protection officers and Border Patrol agents recently seized more than $2.5 million in street value worth of methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana. It was seized in the Rio Grande Valley in the days leading up to Gov. Greg Abbott and former President Donald Trump’s visit to the border. They also killed attempts at $1 million worth of marijuana being smuggled across the Rio Grande River.

Colonel Steven McCraw, the Texas Department of Public Safety Director, told Trump during a tour of the Texas Border that if you have a drug problem anywhere in the country, then you have a border problem. He said that if the drugs are “cocaine, methamphetamine, fentanyl, and heroin, then the Mexican cartels own it “plain and simple.”

Customs and Border Protection also intercepted 758 pounds of liquid meth that were stored in the fuel tank of a bus that was trying to get into the U.S. San Diego Director of Field Operations Pete Flores had tweeted about officers stopping a male driver applying for entry into the country. He’d previously shared images of 10 pounds of heroin and 70 pounds of meth caught back in June.

“Tecate Port of Entry @CBP officers intercepted a smuggling attempt of 10 lbs. of heroin and 70 lbs. of meth this weekend. Wow! Non-stop interceptions across the San Diego Field office by our sharp officers. My hat’s off to you for a job well done,” Flores tweeted.

Border Patrol agents also chased away 20 drug mules who abandoned 14 bundles of marijuana just north of Roma, Texas. They seized more than 1,040 pounds of marijuana, which was more than $1.5 million being seized in a day. They also seized nearly $500,000 worth of marijuana in less than an hour in Rio Grande City, Texas on two separate seizures.

Laredo Sector Director of Field Operations Randy Howe said agents in Texas also seized $1.9 million worth of meth from a 25-year-old Texas resident trying to get back into the country. Drugs have been coming back into the country in vehicles and ice chests.

The GOP has pointed to lax immigration and border policies as the reason why there is a massive surge in drugs but the Biden Administration has denied those claims. They’ve requested $665 million in investments towards updating the land ports of entry and $47 million in border surveillance technology. But there isn’t a “root cause” to the surge in drugs. The Biden Administration isn’t letting Border Patrol agents do their job. And then there’s border czar VP Kamala Harris who chose a photo-op in El Paso over everything else.