Biden’s Awkward Kenosha Visit


Looks like Joe Biden finally made it to Kenosha, Wisconsin, two days after President Trump. His welcome to Wisconsin was a lot different than the President’s. Seems like the only reason Biden showed up was for a fancy photo op. 

The response to Biden’s arrival was the media outnumbering the supporters, of course. Not much of a shocker there. Biden’s campaign team claimed that the response to his arrival was “deliberate” to avoid a circus. Nobody wants to admit that Biden is just a small player and the enthusiasm and support simply isn’t there. 

Biden held a community meeting at the Grace Lutheran Church, where he campaign pitched about tax plans and complained about President Trump. He made a few horrible jokes about being shot over poor tax plans and said “they’ll shoot me” if he goes more into detail about it. It was an awkward blunder and translated that he really doesn’t have a plan. 

President Trump, on the other hand, commented on the situation happening in Kenosha and helping people. He didn’t use his time on air to hold some pathetic campaign event. 

“This is the first chance we’ve had in a generation…to cut another slice off institutional racism,” Biden said during his visit. 

People on Twitter took this as an opportunity to remind Biden that he IS the institution he complains about. Working in public office for generations and Vice President for 8, Biden has a total of 51 years of government experience up his sleeve. It’s almost like he forgot he had the job for eight years. If it takes someone half a century in office to do something, that’s not the person for the job. 

During Biden’s speech at the Kenosha church, he sounded very out of breath talking through the mask and even claimed at one point that a black man invented the lightbulb, not Thomas Edison. If we’re fact-checking, Edison DID invent the lightbulb. It is Lewis Latimer who invented the carbon filament to make it last longer. Can it get any worse when a presidential candidate is preaching incorrectly to black people about black history? Probably not. 

Biden also likes to act like a broken record and repeat the same lie at every campaign event that President Trump called the Neo-Nazis “very fine people,” which he didn’t if you watch the entire clip. 

Biden just keeps lying and lying. This trip to Kenosha had him showing up in a church to drop some fake news before moving on to meet with the family of Jacob Blake for 15 minutes. That’s all. No meetings with business owners, no plans for police reform, just another campaign event for the books.