Biden’s Anti-American Tweet Faces Major Backlash


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden just recently said something that rubbed people the wrong way. To anyone who thought Joe Biden did not share Obama’s divisive view of America, they are in for a rude awakening. 

“America was an idea. We’ve never lived up to it but we’ve never walked away from it before,” Biden recently tweeted, attaching the link to a Brene Brown podcast. The podcast host Casandra Brene Brown, American professor and author, sat down with former vice president Joe Biden to discuss empathy, unity, and courage. 

The tweet, however, is what rubbed people the wrong way. Not believing in American exceptionalism has been one of the main ideologies pushed by the radical left since President Obama’s term. We’ve seen anti-Americanism pour out in educational institutes and newsrooms highlighting the trends of kneeling during the national anthem and chanting “not my president.” It is those exact liberal agendas that have created the divisiveness we have today, not President Trump.

Calling America an “idea” we never lived up to is exactly what set people off. It disrespects the military, WW2 veterans, and all those who died fighting for their country. The American people have built one of the greatest and most influential countries in history and one of the best standards of living for all citizens, but since 1775 it’s just been an idea?

It’s not hard to believe Joe Biden said this when he has been using his own influence within the country to make sketchy business deals and launder money from foreign governments. At this point, it’s pretty clear he loves China more than America. Joe and Hunter Biden have been abusing their political powers to push China’s influence on the American people and pretend that they aren’t a threat or legitimate world power. 

“This is a disgusting sentiment @JoeBiden It flies directly in the face of all that #America, and more importantly, #Americans have accomplished, sacrificed, and died for.  All that you have benefited from as an American and you grind them and the accomplishments under your heel,” one tweeted. 

Others took the time to post historical photos of military men fighting and serving their country to Joe Biden. Some even suggested that anyone who says that about America should never be elected to any public office in the country. We celebrate our success and learn from our mistakes as Americans, but none of that has ever been an “idea.” We’ve lived up to much more than that. 

If Biden is just going to sit in his basement and tweet about how shameful America is, why would we reward him with the highest honor in the country?