Biden Defeated Again By The Teleprompter


When will the media start talking about Joe Biden’s health? It’s getting worse…

At a recent virtual event with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), Joe Biden took a question from Rebecca Vendrine on what the Biden administration would do to help promote change. The response was pretty painful.

Biden seemed to look delayed for a few moments before sighing deeply then telling his team to “move it up here,” indicating that the teleprompter wasn’t reading off the answer on the screen for him.

“There used to be a basic bargain in this country. Workers shared in the wealth their work helped create,” Biden started his answer.

There are several things happening here that the media is trying to hide. Biden is clearly getting the questions in advance if he’s getting help off the teleprompter even answering them. The fact that he even needs the teleprompter to answer simple questions is enough red flags. It is an awful and embarrassing act to see the Democrats allow this to happen within their own political party. 

Instead of asking how to get rid of the “bad orange man,” shouldn’t we be asking why one of our presidential candidates can’t answer a question without a teleprompter? There is no way Joe can do any debates, it’s just a matter of what excuse the Biden administration will use as the date gets closer. 

If this had happened to President Trump, there would be a media storm about it for days. But the mainstream media platforms? Silent.

Even while using the teleprompter throughout the rest of the virtual event, Biden can’t seem to keep his thoughts straight. He sounds breathless, his eyes look dilated, and he looks completely worn out. He even read the instructions on the teleprompter, saying “end of quote.” Once again, Biden has been defeated by the teleprompter. 

How has the Democratic Party landed on him being their way to defeat President Trump? He can’t even read a teleprompter. He seems to only want to take prepared questions and read answers off of the screen. It is clearly evident at this point that the left only wants to take advantage of him the same as BLM to the detriment of America. 

Biden looks tired and stressed, like he doesn’t even want to win. He’s being forced by his wife and own party to run in the election, something that is clearly a massive risk and national security threat to the American people. We are supposed to let this man make the big decisions for us?

If there was even one decent journalist left, they would be calling out this nonsense. Watching Joe Biden experience cognitive decline on national television is enough to shame the entire Democratic Party.