Bezos Blasted For Championing Space Mission Amid Fatal Amazon Warehouse Catastrophe


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was attacked recently on social media for championing his latest project but omitting the tragedy that struck one of his warehouses.

Fire Chief James Whiteford stated that at least six people were killed in the Amazon warehouse fire, which occurred following a tornado in Edwardsville, Illinois. Bezos didn’t mention the loss of his employees when he used social networking to celebrate another successful space tourism mission.

Before the flight that would transport the daughter of Apollo 14 astronaut Alan Shepard, he posted to Instagram: “Happy crew today at the training center.” Four other people who paid for the 10-minute flight were with him. While most of his followers were supportive of the mission, others criticized Bezos’ inattention.

Other people used Twitter to vent their frustrations. One commenter said that Jeff Bezos had attacked his major carbon-polluting rocket after Amazon workers were killed by a rare December tornado. ”

Search and rescue officials are still on the ground looking for those who have disappeared. A spokeswoman for Amazon said that they were deeply saddened to learn that Amazon family members died in the aftermath of the storm in Edwardsville.

She expressed their condolences to all who were affected by the storm and offered their support to our partners and employees. Bezos is yet to make a public comment.