AOC Relaxing In Miami Beach As Omicron Surges In New York


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be celebrating New Year’s Eve on the sunny beaches of Miami, Florida as her home state, New York, shelters from the omicron wave. National Review published an exclusive report that featured an AOC wearing a mask while enjoying a drink outside of a Miami Beach restaurant.

According to the report, Ocasio Cortez was photographed outside Doraku Sushi in Miami Beach on Thursday afternoon. She is seen raising a cocktail and checking her phone.

AOC has not yet commented on the report as of writing. This is just in time for New York City to cancel its New Year’s Eve festivities due to record numbers of coronavirus cases.

According to the most recent update from Governor’s Update, New York broke its single-day COVID record on Thursday. It reported at least 74.207 new positives, as the omicron surge further stretched hospitals.

The number of COVID hospitalizations in the state has more than doubled over the past year to 7,373, with Hochul adding 606 to this growing total on Thursday. This is the highest number of hospitalizations since February 9, and it’s 600 fewer than the exact same total a year ago. Since Dec. 1, it has increased 138%.

AOC’s hometown has been in crisis and she is entitled to the freedom afforded her by the Republican Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis could have at least apologized to Ted Cruz (R.TX) for his multiple humiliating comments about him during his trip to Cancun earlier in the year.

On Thursday night, the hashtag #AOCLovesDeSantis became a trending topic on Twitter.