Anthony Fauci Agrees With Biden’s Prediction Of Deadly Winter For Unvaccinated


Sunday’s visit to Dr. Anthony Fauci was a confirmation of President Biden’s prediction about a winter of “severe sickness and death” among unvaccinated Americans. He told CNN’s Jake Tapper that “the presidency is right.”

Biden warned Americans not vaccinated last week that they could be “looking at a winter full of severe illness, and death” Biden stated on Thursday that he was speaking for himself, his family and the hospital they will soon overtake.

Tapper asked Fauci about Biden’s prediction and he replied, “Michael Osterholm believes a viral blizzard will be coming.” “Where is the pandemic heading right now?” Are you expecting new records for the number of cases? Tapper inquired about deaths and hospitalizations.

Fauci replied, “Yes, well Jake, I think that’s going to happen,” and predicted that there would be “significant stress in certain regions of the country on hospitals system, especially in areas with low levels of vaccination. This is why we continue to emphasize the importance of getting unvaccinated people vaccinated.” He continued, referring to the omicron version of the virus.

He said, “And if it looks at what it has done in South Africa and what it is doing in the U.K. and what it is starting to do right now. The president is correct.”

“It was true, I was there when he said it. I talked to him about it, and he said that we would be facing serious problems right now. Fauci said that we should do more to prevent that. He urged boosters and vaccinations and also urged people to be cautious in all other activities, even though universal masking was originally intended to restore pre-pandemic, normalcy.

Wear a mask when you travel in indoor environments that are congregated. It will be difficult. Jake, we can’t ignore that. “It is impossible because of the omicron we’re dealing with, it will be a difficult few weeks to months as our winter gets deeper,” he said.

Fauci spoke out against the AFP, saying that omicron is “almost certainly not more severe than Delta” this month.