Anchor Brooke Baldwin Reveals Why She’s Leaving CNN For Good


CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin announced in February that she would be leaving the liberal news network in mid-April after spending 13 years on air to begin “the next chapter” of her life. After leaving the network, she shared some harsh criticisms of CNN during an interview with “Ms. Magazine” and talked about its male-dominated workplace. She even brought up several times where she wanted to “fight for women’s stories” and got told no. So much for the #MeToo movement and feminism that CNN always boasts in the headlines. Of course, a left-wing news network has double standards.

Baldwin’s announcement to leave CNN came shortly after her October time slot for the 2020 election lead-up was taken off the air and led by host Jake Tapper. One of her tweets said that she wishes to be with viewers during the election lead-up, but indicates that the anchor swap was not her decision. When a social media user asked why she was taking so many weeks off at such an important time, she replied “not my choice.”

Baldwin’s television appearance was no more a radical left performance than the next. Last May, Baldwin broke down in tears on-air over acknowledging her “privilege” as a White woman and even asked Minneapolis City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins how ‘White America’ should act. Yikes.

After her departure, Baldwin called out the network for having the most influential anchors and highest-paid workers be men. She said that all of her bosses, executives, producers, and the people who oversaw the network were all men, adding that there was a clear lack of women in key roles. She said that the network needs a lot more progress at putting women in power roles.

“Well, let me lift the curtain a little bit, and again, this is only my experience here at CNN, but you know, in my…so, I’ve been anchoring at 10-plus years, the majority of that time two hours in the afternoon, and in that time, you know, the most influential anchors on our network, the highest-paid, are men. My bosses, my executives are men. The person who oversees CNN Dayside is a man, and my executive producer for 10 years is a man,” Baldwin said.

Fox News reported that CNN has been one of the major cable news networks in America without a female primetime host, adding that many of the network’s high-powered executives are men. Even a 2018 ‘The Wrap’ analysis concluded that CNN didn’t have as many female anchors as competitors MSNBC or Fox News on their weekday programming.

Baldwin said that she would be working with a production company to create an unscripted doc series of her book Huddle, which would blend the personal narratives and journalism into the roles of how women come together.

It’s no surprise that Baldwin is leaving CNN out of resentment, being that the radical left environment constantly focuses on the negative aspects of life and how to create deadly division in the nation. What else would you expect?