An Extraordinarily Alarming Statistic


Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak has had enough and taken a stand against the celebrities and politicians living in paid lockdown while struggling unemployed Americans battle the daily economic struggle. 

The longtime game show icon recently tweeted “When a disc jockey or a talk show host or a journalist who is getting paid to work from his or her home tells people who can’t work, pay bills or pay their rent or mortgage to ‘Stay home and be careful because we’re all in this together,’ it’s okay to question the premise.” This comment came from a weekend where many restless people emerged from their homes despite stay-at-home orders. 

While the elites on the Left are preaching for national lockdowns to remain in place, Sajak is not the only public figure pushing against the government’s demands. The exact demands that are causing devastating unemployment numbers and business closures. Given the lacking scientific evidence supporting prolonged lockdowns, economic destruction has been on the rise. Enough is enough.

This isn’t the first tweet Sajak has drafted. He’s also previously joked about how he and his fellow celebrities are handling lockdown. “I hope you understand how difficult this situation is for celebrities. Instead of being pampered and flattered by everyone, we are forced to sit in our homes just like regular people. Please don’t forget about us. Any kind words of support would be appreciated. #AdoptACelebrity” What a national treasure.

Questioning the media in telling those out of work to stay at home should be something we all do. Protests have broken out across the country urging state governments to reopen their economies with millions of Americans out of work. Protests have broken out in New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Rhode Island, Washington D.C, you name it. More than 36 million have lost their jobs due to the virus and that unemployment rate could soar to 25% during the pandemic if nothing is done. 

The elite Liberals preaching everyone to stay home don’t understand that those from lower-income households are the ones impacted the most. They can’t afford being out of work. A recent report shows that 40% of those who were making less than $40,000 per year are out of work since last month. It’s an extraordinary statistic and is quite alarming.

The real question is…what’s the best way to reopen as quickly and efficiently as possible? We might have to wait for another Sajak tweet to figure that one out.