After Weeks Of Circling Back, Psaki Finally Calls The Border A ‘Crisis’


After weeks of dodging questions regarding the surge of migrants entering the border, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki finally called it out for what it is – a crisis.

Psaki spent weeks blaming former President Trump for the ‘dismantled and unworkable’ system the Biden Administration inherited and refused to acknowledge any illegal immigration issues at the US-Mexico border. She even lashed out at a reporter a few weeks ago, noting that they “don’t need to sit here and put new labels” on it.

Psaki’s lack of ‘transparency’ and refusing the media access to view scenes from the border crisis has raised more than a few eyebrows, especially since border patrol agents have apprehended over 100,000 migrants last month alone. Reporters have been expressing frustration under the Biden Administration, saying they have been refused access to do ‘ride-alongs’ and that border agents can’t answer any questions about what’s happening inside.

One of the lingering topics of discussion has been the number of kids crossing the border and being put in ‘migrant facilities.’ Even mainstream media have started pointing out the hypocrisy over Joe Biden running his campaign on Trump putting “kids in cages” then turning around with his administration to do the exact same thing.

Some even suggest that the conditions are worse under President Biden, with reports that some of the children are sleeping on the ground and haven’t seen sunlight in days, denied access to shower or go outside, and haven’t been allowed to phone call their relatives.

Psaki called it a “temporary reopening,” then went on to blame COVID-19 protocols for having to reopen the facility. Right after she made the statement, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bypassed their own guidelines to allow facilities to operate at 100% capacity. Over 4,000 unaccompanied children are being housed in the facilities, with at least 3,000 remaining in custody past the three-day legal limit.

The Biden Administration will allow facilities for illegal immigrants crossing the border to operate at 100% capacity, but law-abiding and legal citizens can’t operate their restaurants and small businesses at max capacity. That just shows where the Biden Administration’s priorities lie.

When recently asked about the expectations set with Mexicans helping deal with the situation at the border, Psaki responded, “There have been expectations set outside of, unrelated to, any vaccine doses or requests for them that they would be partners in dealing with the crisis on the border.”

There it is. ‘Crisis’ on the border. A reporter then asked about her reference to the situation as a crisis, in which she interrupted the question with a correction saying, “Challenges on the border.” This is proof that Democrats are just in Washington D.C to push their narratives and play word games, even when a reporter allows her to ‘clarify.’ But we know what she said. She meant ‘crisis’ because it is a crisis.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Biden Administration’s Homeland Security Secretary, even suggested that the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border will likely reach the highest rate in 20 years. Talk about a border crisis. Or ‘challenges on the border.’ Whatever Psaki decides to call it.