After CDC Mask Guidance Update, Dr. Fauci Is Worried About Staying Relevant


President Joe Biden and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention have made the proclamation that vaccinated individuals can ditch the masks, but Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, is saying otherwise.

Close to 47% of the adult population in the U.S is fully vaccinated and is expected to rise with the Food & Drug Administration’s approval of the Pfizer vaccine use in children between the ages of 12 and 15. Democrats are nearing the end of being able to shame people on personal health choices. Everyone has different circumstances and reasons, for receiving the jab or not. But Fauci has followed the ‘political science’ from the beginning.

On a recent CBS News segment with John Dickerson, Fauci claimed that the issue is “individual types of guidance” for mask-wearing protocols and said that there’s going to be a significant amount of clarification regarding the updated guidance in the next few weeks. Between wishy-washy guidelines and constantly moving the herd immunity rates, Fauci has been the single most incompetent federal employee working during the COVID-19 pandemic. At over $417,000 per year, he’s also the highest-paid.

Even though Biden and the CDC said it’s safe for fully vaccinated people to forgo social distancing and go most places without a mask, Fauci said that the reason for the CDC doing this was just “based on the evolution of the science.” He said it serves as an incentive for people to get vaccinated, even though the CDC’s chief Rochelle Walensky herself went from warning the nation about its “impending doom” to having no-mask policies in just 45 days.

In an end-of-March Livestream, Walensky told viewers that she’s going to lose the script and reflect on the feeling of “impending doom.” She played the fearful sentiment of knowing what it’s like as a physician to be the last person to touch someone else’s loved ones because their loved ones couldn’t be there. She said that the rising vaccination rates were a “positive indicator” but that there was not enough science to ditch the masks or change protocols. Six weeks later, she has assured the country that they “followed the science.” Only the Democrats would want the American people to be grateful for getting back something that should’ve never been taken away.

Sen. Ted Cruz said it’s been far too long that the CDC finally changed its mask-wearing guidelines. He called out the Biden Administration officials for playing politics instead of following the science.

“And from the beginning of COVID, there’s been far too much politics connected to it. And I got to say, I think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been playing politics with COVID-19, and they’ve been playing politics by keeping schools shut down,” Cruz said.

Things have become so absurdly confusing that even Saturday Night Live has highlighted the humor in the CDC guidelines regarding fully vaccinated Americans. They mocked Dr. Fauci on the show and called him the ‘patron saint of Purell.’

Democrats try to push ‘honor systems’ and promote vaccine passports as CDC guidelines ease up. Even Dr. Fauci is worried about becoming irrelevant as the pandemic fades away. But it all comes down to one thing in determining how things pan out in the country: Personal responsibility. The Dems don’t know that one.