A Wave Of Impeachments Against Biden, The GOP Has Had Enough


With the way Biden has handled the Afghanistan pullout, the border, and answering simple questions from the press, many have called on the president for committing impeachable offenses. Politicians and state officials have even disregarded Biden as their leader amid a worsening migrant crisis. Texas Rep. Chip Roy said Biden ought to be impeached for abandoning Texas as the state deals with more than a million migrants since he took office.

Rep. Roy emphasized how President Biden does not care about the ongoing crisis at the border. He cites article four, section four, stating that the president and the federal government are supposed to protect us from an invasion. He is continuing to fail and disregard his duty to the United States.

“Not only is it impeachable, but I believe that the governor of Texas ought to start disregarding this president and start taking into our own hands in Texas the need to secure the border of the United States for the welfare of the people,” Roy adds.

Ohio Rep. Bob Gibbs has even introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden, citing his handling of the border and the withdrawal of the U.S troops. Reps. Andy Biggs, Brian Babin, and Randy Weber have all signed as co-sponsors of the legislation.

Gibbs said he drafted the articles of impeachment because Biden is not capable of being the commander in chief and has done so much damage to this country in less than nine months. He said he is not trying to get media attention from the impeachment and that he started working on it even before the Afghanistan debacle. He said he had been upset about the border and eviction situations.

Rep. Gibbs acknowledges that it’s “not going to go anywhere” with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but that it shows there are Republicans who believe the president should be impeached or removed from office. “At some point, they’re gonna be held accountable for their actions, and this is kind of putting them on notice,” Gibbs adds.

The first impeachment article charges that Biden violated his constitutional oath to act accordingly with the border crisis and the thousands of migrants who entered the United States illegally, including those who tested positive for COVID-19. The second article accuses Biden of violating the separation of powers by extending the federal moratorium on evictions, despite a clear warning from the U.S Supreme Court and no directive from Congress. The third and final impeachment article states that Biden failed to act responsibly as Commander in Chief with regard to the withdrawal of United States forces from Afghanistan.

“Who in their right mind takes troops out before they take out American citizens and our allies?” Gibbs asked.

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, along with a handful of Republicans, have also introduced impeachment measures against Biden. Rep Greene’s resolution against Biden was introduced on his first full day in the office for abuse of power by enabling bribery to his son Hunter Biden. She introduced two additional impeachment resolutions concerning his extension of the eviction moratorium and his handling of the U.S troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Rep. Randy Weber has also introduced articles of impeachment against Biden, citing that he has abused his power regarding the withdrawal of U.S forces from Afghanistan. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said there would be a “day of reckoning” for how Biden handled the Afghanistan withdrawal and that he will be held accountable for the actions that put Americans in harm’s way.