A Pandemic Won’t Stop Democrats From Pointing The Finger


Time for another round of hypocrisy. MSNBC’s Joy Reid has been publicly open and hopeful that Fox News would face legal punishment for what she, her network, and other “news” organizations, have described as Fox “downplaying” the threat of Coronavirus. 

CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, and other media outlets have been consistently condemning Fox News for this. Ironically enough, there’s several videos out there of those exact news networks severely downplaying the threat themselves. 

The interesting thing is that in these videos it wasn’t some opinion show host doing the downplaying. It was coming directly from their so-called objective reports, anchors, AND the guests. These videos and documentations were fairly widespread before Coronavirus received widespread attention

The media has been trying to deceive people into thinking everyone but Fox News was on top of the seriousness of the Coronavirus and it’s about as dishonest as a Liberal’s campaign comes. 

On January 25th, a doctor on the Today Show was telling people they “shouldn’t be terribly concerned about it”. 

On January 27th, MSNBC’s reporter explained that American’s do not need to panic and should take this as a wake up call for seasonal flu.

From January 31 thru February 18th, CNN consistently said that flu is a much bigger deal because it is more widespread and deadly. They even had Dr. David Agus, a medical contributor, on the show saying Coronavirus was not going to cause a major issue in the United States and that the risk is low. On February 21, CNN claimed “racist assaults and ignorant attacks against Asians” were spreading faster than the Coronavirus itself… Apparently the real plague in America is not the deadly virus shutting down the global economy and killing thousands, it’s actually racism. Even as late as March 4th during a CNN segment, Anderson Cooper said if you are worried about coronavirus you should be even more worried about the flu. 

From Vox.com, New York Times, Washington Post, and numerous online and print media outlets, articles were swarming that also downplayed its threat. Washington Post saying Coronavirus isn’t scary and that the flu is much worse. Vox claims it isn’t a deadly pandemic. New York Times claiming that fear spreads faster than the Coronavirus. The list goes on…

Until Coronavirus got the attention it deserved in mainstream media, all of these sources were downplaying the virus much more than Fox News’ alleged incidents of it.

Host Tucker Carlson on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” showcased the mainstream media’s inability to hold themselves accountable for initially pushing a relaxed narrative about the coronavirus in late January and early February. “None of these people cared about you. They didn’t care about protecting public health, or sharing accurate information. They cared about being virtuous,” Carlson said. “They put their wokeness about your life as they always do.”

The overwhelming hypocrisy is worth noting and there’s something to be said about making sure your hands are clean before you go pointing fingers at someone else’s. They are now overcompensating and drowning the headlines in Coronavirus stories to make sure people forget how much they downplayed it beforehand. It’s nothing but fake news.