600,000 Ballots Are In Question


While the mainstream media networks have been calling the election, former Mayor of New York and Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani has other plans. He just recently held a press conference regarding the outcome of the election. He used this opportunity to talk about the media’s call on a landslide “Biden” win. 

“Oh my goodness. All the Networks? Wow!  All the Networks!   We have to forget about the law.  Judges don’t count!  All the Networks, All the Networks…. All the Networks thought Biden was going to win by ten percent! Geee what happened?  Come on!  Don’t be ridiculous.  The networks don’t get to decide elections.  Courts Do,” Giuliani said. 

The former Mayor went on to talk about how courts set elections aside when they are illegal. Pennsylvania has been one of the key battleground states in surrounding election fraud. At one point during ballot counting, Pennsylvania had more votes than registered voters. There is not enough evidence to call the race on what the numbers “look” like. A certain number of ballots can be disqualified if they were not properly inspected. Throwing out ballots will do more than just slightly change Biden’s numbers. It’ll change the entire race. 

The media thinks it can take over the election process and bypass the Trump Administration. There is a way to get things done and it will be decided by the people’s process, not by what the media decides. There has been enough evidence to set aside the election in certain states. There are still at least 600,000 ballots that are in question. 

Rudy said this in Philadelphia after the news projected Joe Biden to become the 46th president of the United States. President Trump said he would accept the results of a fair and free election. This would be using all legal options to ensure that Democrats have not stolen the race. After months of ballots being dumped out, marked with wrong information, and “lost,” it’s no wonder all eyes are on the race. 

If ballots were tamped within Pennsylvania, Biden will lose the crucial Electoral College votes necessary to win the White House. Fraudulent activity is everywhere and President Trump is doing everything in his power to ensure that the American vote is protected for everyone. It seems to me that the Democratic National Committee is doing everything they can to not let Republicans look at mail-in ballots. 

If there is a way Pennsylvania is keeping the votes of dead people secret, the Trump Administration will find out.