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Ron Paul’s urgent new message for every American

The former U.S. Presidential candidate and 22-year Congressional veteran is back. He’s sharing a brand-new message every American needs to see today. “Most Americans will be blindsided by what’s about to happen,” says Paul.

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Can President Trump 'Keep America Great' in 2020 and Beyond?

Donald Trump's historic win in the 2016 election will go down as one of the most amazing moments in USA history. 

Even though liberals continue to sling mud and try to taint his legacy, President Trump has certainly upheld his 2016 campaign promise to "Make America Great Again!" 

Now with a 2020 election looming, Trump's team recently unveiled their new re-election slogan: "KEEP AMERICA GREAT!" is proud to introduce the 2020 President Trump 'Keep America Great' Commemorative Coin...

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