Older Women Seduction – Step by Step Guide How to Seduce Older Women!


Wondering how to attract older women? Want do discover how to seduce them? Here is a step by step guide that will reveal you everything you need to know! Let’s start!

The first step in seducing mature woman is to make her feel special, sexy, beautiful! Older women have a lot of self esteem issues that some with the age, so making them feel young and sexy again it’s very important. A lot of honest compliments will do the work.

The games are over – leave it for college girls. Mature and experienced woman will smell the ego games from miles away and she probably will think that you just another guy who acts like a teenager. Don’t let your ego destroy your chances with her!

Gentleman – I know that with a lot of girls it’s not necessary but with older women it’s a must! Acting like a gentleman will show her that you are a man, and older women want men. Also they used to another kind of dating games where men open the door for them, pay for them and even bring flowers sometimes!

Watch what you are talking about with her – older women really like smart men, and if you will talk about NBA, football or what car you are driving she will get bored with you very quickly! Talk about politics, business or even travels – anything that will interest both of you!

Romance it’s not a bad word – while bringing a flowers to an eighteen girl will make you a fool, with older women it’s different. Be romantic and you will win her heart!

Humor – great tool to attract women. If you have a healthy sense of humor it can help you a lot, but try to avoid dirty words or jokes that will turn her off!

Show her that you are a serious person – don’t play dumb or act like only sex is on your mind! Tell her about you life, where you are now, where you want to be and what you want to achieve. Acting like a serious person will cover on the fact that you are younger!

Source by Dima Gerashenko


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