Aquarius, Conservatism and the Iron Fist


Aquarians often get a good press. It’s because the sign is regarded as being open-minded, as well as being orientated towards the future. Matters are further improved by the association with the Age of Aquarius, so hyped by the ‘sixties musical Hair:

No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind’s true liberation
Aquarius! Aquarius!

All very nice, but I’m afraid it doesn’t ring true. In traditional astrology the sign Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, which is a down to earth planet, that rules limitation rather than freedom.

It’s probably because of Saturn’s influence that Aquarians have a reputation for being independent-minded. Saturn can be quite a solitary influence, that encourages people to set themselves apart from the rest of humanity. And while many Aquarians are very sociable, their opinions can be unusual, as well as being rigid.

An extreme example of the sign Aquarius is Nazi Germany. Hitler came to power on January 30 1933, so we can regard Nazi Germany as being an Aquarian entity. It trampled on the norms of decent behaviour, and was transfixed by a fantasy, which it put into action with brutal efficiency.

Another Aquarian entity is the Islamic regime in Iran, which came to power on February 11 1979. We see the Saturn element, with the unbending traditionalism, as well as the dogmatic adherence to a religious ideology.

Interestingly February 11 1979 was Sarah Palin’s fifteenth birthday – she was born on February 11 1964.

I watched Sarah Palin’s campaign for the Vice Presidency, and to me she came over as a typical Aquarian. She gave the impression of being a loose cannon, who liked to do things her way, who didn’t fit in with the expectations of her campaign team.

Over the course of the 2008 campaign Sarah Palin’s intellect was frequently criticised, and we should remember that one of the keywords astrologers often ascribe to the sign Aquarius is ‘intellectual’.

At this stage we should perhaps distinguish between knowledge and intelligence. Sarah Palin was caught out because there were gaps in her knowledge about politics and world affairs. Yet you can be intelligent without being knowledgable.

I suspect in Sarah Palin’s case it was about narrow focus. Some things were important to her, as a conservative Governor of Alaska, other things weren’t worth bothering with.

Ronald Reagan was another Aquarian, who was not noted for his intellectual abilities. He was dogmatic in what he believed in – like Sarah Palin – and he actually believed that Communism could be defeated. This flew in the face of accepted wisdom, but as history showed, he was right.

Then there’s Dick Cheney, former US Vice President and one of America’s most influential conservatives. There’s nothing fluffy or pie-in-the-sky about Dick Cheney. He’s an absolute realist, and he believes that America must defend her interests, through a strong and proactive foreign policy.

As for the Age of Aquarius, I’m not sure whether we should really be looking forward to it. We could see technology being harnessed for the purpose of repression, and there could be an atmosphere of cold brutality.

However the Age of Aquarius won’t be starting for another few centuries, so there’s no need to panic. I’ll be discussing this subject more in a future article.

Source by Archie Dunlop


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