Transforming Politicians To Statesmen: Who Do They SERVE?


Have you observed, it often appears, most public officials, spend a disproportionate amount of their time, focus, and energy, positioning themselves, for their next election campaign? Wouldn’t it be nice, if, somehow, politicians transformed into statesmen, when they were elected, and shifted this focus, from politics, etc, to service, and developing/ implementing quality, relevant, sustainable, policy, for the common good, as well as for society, as a whole? Unfortunately, it is quite rare, to witness, and observe, this transformation! The electorate should, and must, demand, this allegiance, and emphasis, and knowing, who elected them, to represent, and SERVE, them. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, review, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this is a relevant, significant, sustainable necessity, of serving as a public official, should.

1. Serve all (not just supporters): While, either fortunately, or unfortunately, the American election process, and system, is, largely, dependent on playing politics, once elected, shouldn’t a public official, realize and recognize, he must serve all, and not just his supporters, and/ or core followers! It should be somewhat evident, America is now undergoing, very little bi – partisan cooperation, and, far too much, focus, merely on those, who voted for them!

2. Examine pros and cons: Every issue, possibility, strategy, and/ or potential course of action, will have certain positives, as well as weaknesses. Rather than blindly, following, some political agenda, once elected, shouldn’t all of us, be served by individuals, who consider the potential ramifications, and sustainability of any concept and/ or idea. While this challenge, has occurred, for generations, we are presently witnessing this partisan, myopic leadership, far more, perhaps because, President Donald Trump, has made, nearly everything, about supporting (versus opposing) him, and making it about personalities, rather than quality policies!

3. Relevant; reliable; realistic; responsive: We deserve, and must demand, our elected officials, discover, they are there, to serve us, and not their political, personal, and/ or self – interest! Demand, they proceed, in a relevant, reliable, realistic, and responsive manner, which prioritizes, the best interests of all Americans, not only, those, who elected and voted for them!

4. Vision; value; values: America was created, based on specific values, freedoms, and liberties! We need public officials, who provide real value, based on essential, clear, focused vision, and understanding relevant, sustainable solutions and approaches.

5. Enrich; example: Shouldn’t an elected official, become an example, we are proud to point to? Elect individuals who seek to enrich all citizens, rather than one segment of core followers!

I dream of a time, when politicians become transformed into statesmen, and pay, far more attention, on serving America, in the finest manner, rather than their personal agenda, and/ or self – interest! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Source by Richard Brody


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