Political Mind, People’s Mind-Set and Technological Impact


Politicians’ mental volatility and their motives, in present political syndrome, are depressing and shocking too. It is, in fact, can be labeled as “pathetically comedy of circus.” All developed countries are biased and denote underdeveloped countries as “Banana Republic (Not in so many words).” All developing countries collectively, in general, are mute spectators or tag along with the rich and powerful group (Reasons are best known globally). The poor and the weak, within their group, are dependent and interdependent is looking forward to favors from their masters. What conspire and transpires within and outside the political environment is a matter of grave concerns.

Analyzing political maneuvers from a common man’s perspective is heartbreaking. Of-course, these people by and large, remain unaware of these developments. The reason is very simple; these powerful groups are aware of the mentality of common men, who are naïve and ignorant. In fact, they are gullible and carried away being sentimental. It is an acceptable norm that politicians are strange bedfellows. They collectively take undue advantage and make their selfish motives. They all collectively agree to deny the rights of the poor countries. If at all they agree to extend favors, which does not come free. This soft corner has many strings attached and arm-twisting tactics. In extreme and exceptional circumstances, even rich and developed countries are also bullied by few rich and super power groups.

In this modern era with the advancement of knowledge, professionalism, political, social, academics and with technological tools, it is difficult to hide anything. Even the cover-up is exposed with sufficient evidence. However, the tragedy is that the media owners with political association and self-interest coupled with greed and connection in high places have become biased. They neither support the just cause not reveal the facts barring what has become too obvious and impossible to hide.

The bone of contention is that countries which do not possess guts and courage are often become the victim of circumstances. They are to blame themselves for lack of self-confidence and not confronting the powerful and arrogant groups. It is the proven beyond reasonable doubt that those who are afraid and show their weakness are often at the receiving end. The powerful and the weak nations possess divergent minds displaying incongruent mentality resulting in confusion and chaos. The outcome shows in the form of policies and planning which generally becomes a laughing-stock among themselves.

The jugglery starts when election fever sets into motion until political comedy achieve its desired results. These masses have fewer options to franchise their vote. They must choose the best candidate among the worst. Hence the comedy of circus come into play and the results are obvious even among the most advanced and developed countries.

The culminating point is how an impact takes effective control over matter which are visualized, executed and substantiated within different situations. The history has recorded events and world has witnessed that all wrongful acts and deeds are ultimately exposed. There may be a time-lapse, but reality reveals by itself at the appropriate time.

Source by Ehtesham Mirza


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