Socialism Is Regressive, Not Progressive – Get Your Definitions Straight!


Indeed, I bet we all have friends who consider themselves progressives. Unfortunately, that were doesn’t mean anything, because there are Democrats who believe in the latest and greatest technology who call themselves that, but there are also people who are downright socialists who also call themselves progressives. Now then, if someone is a socialist and calls himself a progressive, that really doesn’t make any sense because socialism doesn’t work, it’s never worked in history, and right now we see it isn’t working in the European Union, therefore it would be regressive not progressive.

Not long ago, I was talking to an acquaintance about a republican candidate running for the Mayor of San Diego who got upset with the Republican Party, and decided to run as an independent. The individual is a new politician, but he is also a decorated war veteran with a stellar resume, and just an all-around good guy. My acquaintance is a left-leaning socialist, in fact he calls himself a “socialist” and he used event as a way to explain that we should all get along together, and that it is okay to work across the aisle with politicians on the other side of the fence.

Indeed, that was a nice try at attempting to get me to listen to socialist nonsense, however the politician we were discussing is not preaching “socialism” so, if this was as an example of getting along or entertaining socialist ideas, I still say that “socialism” is wrong for America. We are too strong, too free, and too smart in this great abundant nation to regress back into a footnote in the annals of history – and socialism would be the fastest path off that cliff.

Someone who decides to run as a third-party candidate or libertarian has basically rejected some of each of the stipulations or foundational tenants of the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. Does that make more sense? It probably does, and being a libertarian really means that you are for the party of liberty, hint: that’s where the definition comes from.

The reality is everyone who is an American citizen should love freedom and liberty, and reject anything which takes away an individual’s rights. Any time a government wants to put more and more rules on the individual citizens, or redirect the wealth, earnings, or hard-working labor from the individual to others who did not perform and would merely like a free hand out is actually condoning stealing from the individual.

That’s pretty much what happens in socialism, and like I said, there’s nothing progressive about stealing, that’s about one of two the oldest professions in the world, and I think you know what the other one is. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow


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