Why We Don’t TRUST Most Public Officials


Nearly every public opinion poll, which seeks information, regarding the most, as well as least respected professionals, indicate politicians, are consistently, among, the least respected, of all! While this has appeared to be the case, for many generations, at the present time, politicians appear to be, at the lowest level of respect, in recent memory. Whether this is because of the continuous empty rhetoric, and promises, the level of vitriol, and polarization, etc, it seems worthwhile to examine, some of the reasons, we don’t TRUST public officials. Therefore, this article will briefly examine and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the reasons, we don’t trust these individuals, as well as, in many cases, why they don’t deserve to be respected, and/ or trusted.

1. Timely: Rather than addressing serious issues, which, potentially, must be addressed, in a relevant, well – considered way, many of these politicians, seem to prioritize, politics over policy, refusing to take action, and often, flossing over the most relevant issues! If, after all the shootings, in the past few years, using the AR-15 assault weapon, they haven’t even addressed sane policy, why would anyone believe, they will ever be ready, willing and/ or able, to proceed in a well – considered, timely manner?

2. Relevant; responsive; responsible; realistic: Consider how they’ve examined and discussed, Health Care? Rather than focusing on ways to make it better, more affordable, and less costly, they have proceeded with a politics – as – usual procedure, avoiding relevant leadership, responsive actions, personal responsibility and/ or responsible legislation, or prioritizing reality, over rhetoric!

3. Useful; urgent: Actions and/ or ideas count very little, unless their actions and focus are based on useful, relevant concepts, needs, priorities, and concerns. Wouldn’t it be nice, if, political leaders, proceeded with an urgency, to do, what’s needed, for the best service to the nation, and constituents?

4. Sustainable; stronger: How often have we witnessed, attempts to put a band – aid on a wound, rather than seek a sustainable solution? Every action, and/ or failure to act, will have ramifications! Rather than constantly focusing on politics. wouldn’t we feel better about them, if they proceeded, to make our nation stronger, etc?

5. Truthful; together: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me again, shame on me. How rarely we pay enough attention, on why that’s so important? If these officials, were far more truthful, while focusing on bringing constituents together, for the common good, wouldn’t there be, a closer connection and feeling?

There are many reasons we don’t TRUST our elected, public officials! Wouldn’t it be comforting, if we felt, we could place our faith in these individuals, and they deserved it?

Source by Richard Brody


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